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Terry Pratchett The Carpet People
jesper jensen glassware
Retailer of the Year Home and Garden Designer Award
rosie moss on heals
antique glassware at heals
Gemma Kay Waggett screen printing

In The Studio: Gemma Kay Waggett

Working with arrangements of colour, pattern and shape, Gemma Kay Waggett creates hand-sewn, machine embroidered and ...

Claire de Quenetain design process at heals

In The Studio: Claire de Quenetain

French-born Claire de Quénetain, an MA in Printed Textiles, is known for her expression of marks and form through paintings and ...

Augustine Bridgland at Heals

In The Studio: Augustine and Bridgland

London-based duo Danny Augustine and Adam Bridgland,  first collaborated on an exhibition in May 2014. Together, they created a ...


Sir Kenneth Grange Pays a Visit To Our Bodging Race

No stranger to the Heal’s showrooms, legendary designer Sir Kenneth Grange popped by our flagship store this week to inspect the results of our recent Bodging race. Personally guided by fellow designer Chris Eckersley, one of the bodgers at the event, Sir Kenneth took great joy in seeing the ...

Heal's Craft Market - 08.01.15-01-27

The Great Heal’s Bodging Race Final

Following a week of whittling, Sunday saw the close of our Great Heal’s Bodging Race. Transforming our windows into a working studio, 6 top designers from around the globe battled the clock to each produce a handmade chair (and not forgetting a stool) using the ancient English craft of ...

hole and corner at heals craft market

Hole & Corner In Residence

Celebrating beauty and craft is what we’re all about at Heal’s. So it’s no surprise that for our Modern Craft Market we’ve teamed up with fellow design devotees Hole & Corner. Scratching beneath the surface, our official media partner will be providing in-depth coverage of the event ...


Great Heal’s Bodging Race

Featuring 6 world-renowned designers competing live in-store, the Great Heal’s Bodging Race promises to be a unique piece of retail theatre. Putting their own modern spin on the traditional English craft of ‘bodging’, our illustrious guests will be making bespoke chairs throughout the opening ...